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[23 Sep 2001|01:22am]
I was being a total cam whore tonight. BLAH... I'm kinda getting sick
of it. I'd rather just have a slow refreshing cam on my site, than
having to go on Yahoo! and deal with all the perverts. Of course there
are always the nice guys. Like this guy...

He is nice and cute! :) He made me a fan sign, but I kinda lost
it. Oops! My bad. Well, I'm so god damned sleepy. I gotta go to sleep.
I just wanted to put Aaron's pic up before I forgot! And yes, I did ask
him if I could put a pic of him on my site! :P

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[22 Sep 2001|05:00pm]
OMG! I knew there was a reason that I was meant to stay home
today. My cable company is doing their sneak preview of WAM! which
means... The Tribe
is on in like 2 seconds!! WOOHOO!!!!
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Brit tickets!! [22 Sep 2001|03:53pm]
I got the Brit tickets. I'm happy. :)

But Youngstown had some kind of concert today, and I told
that I couldn't go because I told Nat I'd go with her to see her friend,
but now we aren't going and it's too late to see YT. BLAH. I miss them.
This is so lame.

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stuff... [19 Sep 2001|08:53pm]
I'm feeling really nostalgic right now, and I was reading some convos
with me and this guy that I used to be "in love" with. Cole. BLAH. I
haven't talked to him in such a long time... maybe even over a year.
But anyway... I picked out some quotes I loved. Or that just made me
laugh. And miss him to death! :(

Wiseguy5 1/27/99 8:11 PM you make a sexy carebear

Wiseguy5 1/27/99 8:18 PM yeah and did you know when pippy gives
blowjobs she likes to swallow?

Wiseguy5 2/3/99 4:59 PM so got a boyfriend? yet

meggie b 2/3/99 4:59 PM no....

Wiseguy5 2/3/99 5:00 PM and why not gimmie his number please

meggie b 2/3/99 5:01 PM who's number?

Wiseguy5 2/3/99 5:01 PM joe joe the magical pimp

meggie b 4/18/99 7:14 PM hey!! oh my gosh!? guess what?!

Wiseguy5 4/18/99 7:15 PM you shaved all your hair off?!?!?!

meggie b 4/18/99 7:15 PM i met *N SYNC!!!

Wiseguy5 4/18/99 7:15 PM ewww you poor girl

:) I know that was pointless, but it made me happy.

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Fun with AIM... hehe [19 Sep 2001|05:40pm]
Well, I had a fun day today. I told Nat all about it, so I'm just going to copy and paste our convo. :) I told you I was lazy.

JJ luffs me: hey

JJ luffs me: britney tickets go onsale this saturday

nat: r u serious?

JJ luffs me: yup

nat: $50 each about huh?

JJ luffs me: probably

nat: i dont know

nat: you know how shits going down here with

JJ luffs me: yeah

nat: so im out most likely

nat: so whats up?

JJ luffs me: nothing much

JJ luffs me: i met this really cool guy today

nat: cool

nat: is he cute/nice?

JJ luffs me: yes he is

JJ luffs me: lol

JJ luffs me: he's in my acting class and well, we had to pick
partners today

nat: cool im happy 4 u

nat: whats his name?

JJ luffs me: he was sitting by me, so we both kinda looked
at each other and he was like "you wanna be partners?!" and i
was like "sure"

JJ luffs me: johnny

nat: details details

JJ luffs me: so we were like reading these scenes and we
were both kinda like "WTF... these are stupid..."

JJ luffs me: so we were like laughing and getting along...
plus we were pretty good together, i mean the way we were
acting and stuff

JJ luffs me: than the damn teacher was like "okay, switch
partners!" and i was like "FUCK MAN!" so he went off with
someone else...

JJ luffs me: so than i got this other partner, and than we had
to switch again

JJ luffs me: but anyway

JJ luffs me: after class...

JJ luffs me: he was kinda standing by the door... looking like
he was waiting for someone... and than he looked at me, but
than when i was about to get to the door he starts walking out

JJ luffs me: so i kinda go the same way he does and i yell
out to him "have fun at blink tonight!" ('cause he said he was
going!) and so he turns around and we start walking together

JJ luffs me: and he's like asking me if i like them, and what
kinda of music i listen to, blah blah blah... and than finally i was
like "so what's ur name?" 'cause we had never established that
(although, i did know his name, because i looked on his paper!
LOL but i wanted him to know mine)

nat: way 2 go! i would have guessed you to
stay quiet

JJ luffs me: yeah i know

nat: like me :-)

JJ luffs me: i had some guts today

JJ luffs me: i was proud of myself

nat: yeah

JJ luffs me: so anyway... we were talking... and i was like "so
what class do you have next" (hoping that his next class was
near mine) but he was like "oh i have the same class again, it's
just a little harder..." and i'm like "oh wow!" blah blah blah... and
than i was just like "oh okay... I'll see you later"

JJ luffs me: and i walked off ALL SMILES

JJ luffs me: lol

nat: hopefully it only gets better

nat: duh i would have too

JJ luffs me: yeah i know

JJ luffs me: i was about to say "you're going to be my
partner on monday!" but i didn't...

JJ luffs me: i was kinda pissed though because his last
partner was the only other [...] girl in my class (LOL) and
she's cuter than me... so i was like "please don't go to her...
please don't go to her" but of course he did

JJ luffs me: BLAH

JJ luffs me: but yeah, he's really cute

JJ luffs me: and nice and funny

JJ luffs me: so i like him

nat: arg theres that positive megan i love

JJ luffs me: but see... it looked as though he was going to
walk with her after class, but than he stopped and was looking
at me, so than i was like "yeah!!" lol

JJ luffs me: i thought he was going to tell me i was his
favorite partner, because the teacher was like "tell all three
partners that they were your favorite" but he didn't... so i'm
glad i had guts today

JJ luffs me: i think i saw aaron this morning

JJ luffs me: but than i think it was sal... does sal drive a

nat: um..maybe

JJ luffs me: it was probably aaron... but u know i'm blind

nat: he drives a red truck sometimes..but he
also has a green yukon

nat: aaron i doubt

nat: he left at like5

JJ luffs me: oh

JJ luffs me: okay nevermind

JJ luffs me: i don't think it was sal than either

JJ luffs me: lol

JJ luffs me: okay some weird guy was looking at me

JJ luffs me: lol

JJ luffs me: oooooooohhhhhhhh

nat: im hungry! :-\

nat: whatelse is new

JJ luffs me: ya know what else? mike [...] took me to mc

nat: *thumbs down*

JJ luffs me: he so hot


nat: no shit

JJ luffs me: lol
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I'm a working woman... BLAH! [18 Sep 2001|10:30pm]
Well, today was a very interesting day. After cleaning the house with my mom the entire morning, I than got dressed and went to my first day of work. Let me tell you that the stuff they made me do was easy. Hopefully, I did it right. So yeah, I'm working at my uncle's office, I get paid some pretty good money (I won't say... let's just say, my sister is pissed at me!), but I have to now come in every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 to 5!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I have a real job. I'm so freaked. I have to fill out my tax forms and everything. I'm so old.

I actually kinda liked work though. The people are mad cool. This one guy let me use his office and well, it was the shit. Ocean view and everything. :) Oh yes. It was nice. He was kinda cute too... I mean, in an old business man sort of way. ;) So he's out of his office for a while, and I think I get to work in there while he's gone. I'm excited.

Oh... so I changed my layout. I hope people like this one better. It's of course Kirsten Dunst with a little Jay Hernandez on the side. Crazy/Beautiful is such a great movie, so that's why I made this layout. Yes, I know the movie is a little old, but do I care?! NOPE.

Well, I got homework. Gotta go.
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WTF [17 Sep 2001|11:14pm]
Wait... WHAT THE F*CK happened to Tribe World?!?! It better be back up soon. I'm going to cry. :(
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Ooooooooh! Soaps!! [17 Sep 2001|11:04pm]
Okay, this layout will probably only last a couple days. Just because no one likes it besides me. I was just getting a little sick of looking at Britney, and I wanted to look at Ryan instead. As soon as I can figure out how to make pretty layouts, I'll make them. But right now, you're going to have to settle for my lame Tribe layout.

Oh and something else I forgot to write. The soaps were back on today!! :) God bless America!! LOL But yeah, as soon as I started watching One Life To Live this damn special report comes on!! ARGH! To make things worse it was my favorite person in the whole world... Mr. George W. Bush. *smirk* But the soaps did come back on after 10 minutes or so. Oh, but you know what's funny? I taped GH because I was sleepy and wanted to take a nap, but than I never watched it and I ended up giving the tape to Shawna. Points for Meggie! But shoot... I'd rather get to watch Tribe episodes than watch GH... I think. hehe
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phun @ skwel... [17 Sep 2001|08:14pm]
School sucked ass. BUT in theatre we watched an episode of Designing Women. I laughed. That show rawks. Almost as much as The Golden Girls, but not quite. ;) So now I have to write a paper about how the point of view of the producer is shown throughout the show. BLAH.

Acting sucked. We got paired up, and I got stuck with this high school kid. Not that I have a problem with high school kids... it's just this kid was like all ganster and stuff. But he turned out to be pretty cool. I guess. We had to read a story outloud to our partner. It was pointless. Really.

Health was funny. I like that class just because the teacher is a nut job and he makes me laugh.

So yeah, basically that was my day. Except that I ran into my friend Aaron in the bookstore (not Nat's Aaron). He was like, "WTF are you doing here!? Shouldn't you be at a University!?" hahahahahahahahaha... poor boy is convinced that I'm smart. HA! Well, I got my hug and I'm glad that I'm not the only magnet student going to Harbor. :)
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Homework sucks! [16 Sep 2001|10:12pm]
I need a health related article, and I need it NOW! Yes, I like to wait until the very last second to do my homework, and yes, I am a dumbass. :) I can't help it if procrastination is one of my weaknesses.

I found this article in Glamour about periods, but my health teacher is this nut case old man... so I kind of think that he might not want to read about periods. I don't even want to read about periods and I have them! Okay, I'm being just gross. Tampons... haha... okay... I'm a freak. I just wanted to say that. I know that it bugs the shit out of some people. So ha!

I don't want to go to acting class. *whines*
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Me like The Donnas... [14 Sep 2001|11:49pm]
Ooooh! I liked
The Donnas
. They were cool as all hell. I'm sold. Kazaa here I come! :) I also liked this band called The Kicks who opened for them. They were awesome! I bought their CD. I'm listening to it right now. I like, I like.

I want to buy Incubus tickets tomorrow so badly!! I love Incubus, man! But I think Britney tickets go on sale tomorrow also and I don't have enough money for both... and if I had to choose, I'd pick Brit. BLAH... I wish I was rich. I also want to go see Save Ferris on the 28th, but I don't know A.) who would go with me, or B.) who would take me, and actually C.) how I'd pay for the tickets. ARGH! I'm never going to get to see Save Ferris. Everytime they are in town, I either don't know about it and find out AFTER, or I'm out of town! Well, I HAVE to go! I mean, they were my favorite band before I got all teenybopperish and got obsessed with *N Sync. Not that being obsessed with *N Sync is a bad thing, it's just that I love Save Ferris, and I've never seen them live! *whines* Someone buy me a ticket!!! I'll love you forever and ever!! :)
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I'm gonna see The Donnas... [14 Sep 2001|04:41pm]
I'm off to see The Donnas right now, and I have no freakin' idea what they sing. This should be interesting. I'm only going 'cause Shawna is taking me, she's says it's free, and well, I'm a concert freak. I love concerts. I don't care who the hell it is, if it's free, I'll go. Well, okay, maybe not, but I like to give new bands a try. Who knows, maybe I'll like these chicks.

So I got this cute e-mail from Justy that says how much he misses me. Actually he said "I miss you (guys)." so I should say us, but hey, I want all the Justy love to myself. LOL But yeah, I miss him a lot too. He's my bestest guy friend, and we don't hang out too much anymore. Going to different schools sucks. I should have went to El Co. Oh well. BLAH.

I told my mom today that I was going to move to New Zealand. When she asked why, I said, "Because it's beautiful, they have hot guys, and they aren't going to go to war." Awh yes. New Zealand here I come. :)
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I want my soaps... [13 Sep 2001|08:40pm]
I may sound really "UN-AMERICAN", but I miss my soaps! I want to sit down and watch my General Hospital and be happy. Than when I tell that to my mom she gets all pissed off, when just an hour before she was like "Turn on the soaps!" LOL... I'm sorry, but my family is obsessed with soap operas!! It's funny too because we all like different ones. My mom loves All My Children, my sister is a One Life To Live girl, and I can't get enough of GH. And my mom and I sometimes watch Port Charles. But wtf... why am I telling you this!? You don't care.

I'm camming on Yahoo Messenger right now... so if you wanna see me, which I don't know why the hell you would want to, I'm on under urcrunk. Come watch me!! LOL
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I don't wanna clean god damnit!! [13 Sep 2001|05:45pm]
I'm working on getting myself kicked out of my house. I don't listen to my mommy. o:) I mean, I try to, but cleaning my room doesn't sound too appealing. Especially when I can sit on my ass and chat with people online. ACK! I hear something... I hope it's not my mom coming home. If she finds me on the puter, I'm a dead woman!

ARGH... It was my mom. So I shall go. I'll write more later.
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"Can you get rid of the virus?!" - hahahahahaha [13 Sep 2001|12:51pm]
Blah... I have a virus on my puter!! This is so lame.
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Ooooh Caleb... rawr! [12 Sep 2001|02:58pm]
OMG!!!! I just went to the Caleb Ross chat at tribeworld.com and he answered one of my questions!! Just as I was complaining to Shawna about people asking stupid questions and not answering ours, my question pops up on the screen! I was so happy!! :) I still am!! I asked who his best friend on the set was, and of course I got the generic answer... that everyone is cool and that he can't decide. Ha! But wow... I don't care. That will probably be the closest I will ever get to any of 'The Tribe' cast. LOL I'm such a dork.

Oh and I missed my bus this morning, so I didn't go to school. I didn't have another ride. My sister was too lazy to wake up and drop me off. My mom is kinda pissed, but I really didn't mean to miss school. Oh wells.

So I guess I should say something about what's happening in the US. Well, I really don't know what to say. It was very tragic and I can't even believe that something like that happened here. I just hope that our government makes the right choices about how to solve this problem and find these people. I really hate George W., but I really hope he can get us through this without having to go to war or something horrible like that. To all the people who died and who lost a loved one yesterday, my heart goes out to you. I will keep everyone in my thoughts.

Yesterday wasn't all bad though. I got to talk, actually chat, with some people I miss a lot. My friends from high school!! :) We all had this little private chatroom set up and it was just so nice. I love you all, and you know who you are. You guys mean so much to me and I miss you so much. MUAH! XOXOXO hehe...
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I am Trudy... hear me roar!! :) [08 Sep 2001|09:35pm]
Hahahaha... me and Shawna are such dorks!! She wanted to see what she would look like with short hair, so I sent her a pic of Trudy from The Tribe, 'cause she's got the cutest short hair. BUT anyway... LOL... we decided to put our faces over Trudy's and well, here are my results.

I'm such a dork. And such a baby. I'm so possessive. I really need to stop it, but I can't help it. I don't think I was ever taught how to share properly as a child. You're probably like, what the hell are you talking about?! But, I'm just stupid. I just get pissed when I like something a lot and than it turns into a trend. I'm just dumb like that, but that's me, and I hope people understand that. I like to be unique, I like to be weird, and I like to have things that no one else has. Is that a bad thing? I don't know. I guess if anything, it's selfish, but hey! I never said I wasn't. God I'm evil.

Well, I got bored tonight and I wanted to be like Willa. LOL I just really like her dreads. So here are the before & after pics. Enjoy! LMAO

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I was duped!! [08 Sep 2001|02:37pm]
Yesterday I went to the LA County Fair with Shawna and her mommy. It was pretty fun, although I got duped into buying some make-up! LOL It's cool make-up though!! And it has many uses. You can wear it as eye shadow, lip gloss, blush, nail polish, etc. Yeah, so I'm stupid.

Well, well, well... shall I put in my 2 cents about the VMA's?! Sure, why not!? Anyway... I thought Jamie Foxx was cool. He was way better than the Wayan's brothers, that's for sure. Also *N Sync's performance was way lame, until Michael Jackson's surprise appearance. BUT even with that, I don't think *N Sync topped last year's performance! Britney's was cool. I liked the dancing, the song of course, and it so reminded me of 'The Tribe'! What was lame was that she was lip syncing, and the whole snake thing. No point to it, Brit! I loved her outfit though. Very cute. But I have to say that Alicia Keys was the best. She's so awesome. And that's all I have to say about that! :)

So next thing... I talked to Adrianna. FINALLY. Yeah, so we're friends again. Wow. LOL

Ooooooooooh!!!!!!! Sorry... I was on the phone with Justy and he got me a 311/Alien Ant Farm ticket!! WOOHOO!! I'm so excited!! It's on Halloween night which is going to be so awesome!! I luff 311... Nick Hexum is my boyfriend. :)
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First day of school... lame!! [05 Sep 2001|11:12pm]
Today was a rather interesting day. It was my very first day of college. I know it's just a Junior College, but to be at a new school, and knowing that all of your close friends aren't going to be there is really freaky. Another first for me today, was riding the bus. Yes, I actually rode the flippin' bus. I was scared out of my mind. But it actually wasn't that bad. I'd do it again, but hopefully I won't. haha...

Well, my classes were alright. Nothing exciting or special. Just classes. I only go on Mondays & Wednesdays, so I'm happy about that. I'm so done with school. I hate it. I get bored easily and drift off. I'm a day dreamer... school is no place for me. But I have to go. I don't have a job, and if I don't want to seem like a complete loser, I can always have the excuse of having to go to school. :)

OH! haha... funny thing of the day! I got hit on!! This greaser guy came up to me and started chatting me up. I couldn't believe it. I never got hit on in high school and my first day of college I can't keep the boys away!! Okay... so it was just one boy, but still!! I got no play in high school. But this guy was ugly, so uh, I still won't be getting any play. *sigh* But, I do have my friend Michael in my 1st class. He's so f'in HOT, but I've known him since I was a baby, so I don't know if anything could ever happen between us. Oh wells.

BTW... Britney's new song is so awesome!! "I'm A Slave 4 U" ...the full version (CD quality) can be downloaded at mygirls.org! I luff it. Britney did it again! haha...
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Meggie the cam whore?! [31 Aug 2001|08:37pm]
So I went to the doctor today to get my blood test results, and well... nothing is wrong with me, besides what I already know. But my mom, god damn, she is a freakin' hypochondriac!! I swear, she even went as far as to say that she knows she doesn't have HIV. WTF?! I couldn't believe my mom even thought that!! I think our doctor thinks she nuts, although he's not the sharpest crayon in the box. FUCK, he's probably the dullest. But he did burn this thing off my finger. LOL Yeah yeah. It was gross, but now it's gone! Yay!

Ooooh! Shawna made me a fan sign!! Ain't it purty!?

She thinks I'm a cam whore. LMAO :) Love ya, too.
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